The optimal solution in terms of quality, reliability and price.

  • Manufacturer’s official guarantee (OEM)
  • Lower prices
  • Large range for over 7 year old vehicles
  • Same quality standard as of new turbochager
  • Original packaging with serial numbers (product traceability)

The ideal solution for 7 year old vehicles or older.

Every Original reman turbochargers:

  • Every Original reman is inspected according to the same standards applied to new parts, using original production drawings
  • It is re-assembled, balanced and calibrated according to the same specifications of new turbochargers
  • It is configured individually through flow meter as new turbochargers.
  • It is assembled with some new and original critical components, among which actuator, rotor, compressor, gaskets, O-ring, elastic bands, screws, and bearings
  • The Original reman is always updated by replacing obsolete components with new ones.

If you choose non-original turbos, you will spend more money and obtain lower performances.

Car manufacturers worldwide are aware of the importance of the cost/performance ratio. All Original reman turbo are calibrated to satisfy specific engine’s needs, optimise performances, reliability, control of emissions and long-term fuel consumption.

Studies demonstrate that imitations of these cutting-edge products that require extremely precise calibrations cannot compete with original parts in terms of performances, optimisation of consumptions and quality in the long term.

  • Original reman turbo last four times longer than non-original turbos
  • Tests prove that non-original turbos boast lower performances.
  • Tests prove that non-original turbos increase fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Do not settle for less by choosing a second best technology that offers third rank results!

Non-Original reman turbo could jeopardise the reliability of your engine.

Millions of turbochargers are used worldwide…These are complex products, designed and calibrated to comply with extremely strict performance standards requested by car manufacturers. They are extremely reliable and feature optimal performances. Any attempt to refurbish a turbo using recycled parts, due to the technical complexity of the component, may cause potentially serious problems, among which:

  • Conflict with the engine’s management systems
  • Insufficient pressures, thus achieving poor overall performances and higher emission levels
  • Too rich gas oil/ air mix, causing very high temperatures that may damage the turbo and engine
  • High pressures, causing excessive speed of the turbo, risk of bursting the turbine’s wheel and damages to the turbo and engine
  • Excessive boosting, causing structural damages to the engine