ALUMETAL TURBOCHARGERS SA was awarded by the Garrett Global Aftermarket Conference in Vienna.

In quality of Swiss importer, since it attained the targets established by Garrett by Honeywell, Alumetal received awards (PERFORMANCE AWARDS) assigned during the GARRETT GLOBAL AFTERMARKET CONFERENCE, an international event held every 2 years, that sees the participation of the official importers of every country.

Reportage Automobile Revue 2014

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Publir. F

Garrett Original Reman
Garrett Original Reman The ideal solution for 7 year old vehicles or older

Honeywell presents “Garrett Original Reman”, a new range of turbochargers Original Reman according to OE specifications and intended for the aftermarket. Every Original Reman turbochargers …

  • It is inspected and tested based on the same standards applied for new turbochargers using original production drawings
  • It is re-assembled, balanced and calibrated according to the same specifications of new turbochargers
  • It is individually configured through flow meter as new turbochargers
  • It is assembled with all new and original critical components, among which actuator, rotor, compressor, gaskets, O-ring, elastic bands, screws and bearings
  • The original reman turbochargers are always updated by replacing obsolete components with new ones.

New complete assembly kits for turbochargers

Alumetal introduced new – major- assembly kits for turbochargers consisting of gaskets, head studs, nuts, OIL DELIVERY AND RETURN PIPES.
These components are very important to a correct installation of a turbochargers.